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Regardless of the experience you possess in Java development you have to face certain oops moments at least once in your development career. There is nothing wrong with that because mistakes help developers to shape their skills set and make them perfect in their field. Here we got a few errors that naturally happen to novice developers during Java application development.

1. Null Pointer
A null pointer is one of the most common errors that a java developer makes. Moreover, when they appear at runtime, you cannot rectify them with compilers. In case you miss them in time, your user will not. When you try to access some object having a null reference, a null pointer exception will encounter by the application. There could be many reasons that initiate null pointers, but generally, it happens when you did not check the objects return value or the object not initialized by you. How to rectify this error by checking before making to access a null variable in an array, you can resolve the null pointer exception.
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2. Capitalization Errors
Capitalization is the most common mistake that every java developer commits once or even more times in his career. Often developers look at a variable many times to spot the error, but they skip non-capitalized methods or variables easily and unable to control the issue. However, there is no particular trick to resolve this error, but you can remember following pointers that help you commit lesser mistakes:

  • Wherever a new word starts, all methods and member variables use capitalization
  • All member variables and methods in Java start with lowercase letters

3. Not Remembering Javas Zero-Indexed Nature
If you have tried your hands on C, C++ ever, you must know the concept of zero-index value. Arrays in Java are zero indexed; it implies that the first element of every index is zero. Strings are one of the primary areas where forgetting zero indexing can bring trouble for you. You can be a victim, especially when you are writing apps that include processing of string. The only way to resolve it is to refer to your API documentation.

It's like a roller-coaster ride in which Java developers have highs and lows. How they tackle the lows and leverage the highs to bring sophisticated and efficient app solution for the clients. After all, mistakes help people to groom themselves and do the job next time better!
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